Google’s Pixel C team confirms that the upcoming Android N will bring a split-screen feature

Google’s Pixel C team has confirmed that it is working on a lot of things at the moment for the next version of Android. The team has confirmed that the split-screen feature for Android is in the works and should come with Android N , the next big update for Google’s mobile OS. “The Pixel C team took questions in a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) recently, and spilled the beans that one of the more useful software optimizations for Android could be on the way in the next update.”

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After the announcement of the Android M Marshmallow update, the next logical upgrade would be Android N. But this is the first time we are actually hearing about the update, and getting an idea about the expected new goodies it’ll bring. In addition to bringing the split-screen feature, the next Android version will reportedly also bring the DisplayPort feature over USB Type-C, as well as a feature similar to Windows Continuum.

There’s no official word when exactly Google plans to release the Android N update. However, the reports suggest a release towards the end of the next year.


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