Honor forays into the IoT segment with HiLink language and LiteOS

Currently celebrating its second anniversary, Huawei’s sub-brand Honor has introduced HiLink, a unified language for smart home devices. The brand has also announced LiteOS for HiLink language-powered IoT (internet of things) devices. Unlike other languages, HiLink can understand commands between devices from different manufacturers.

Honor LiteOS

Honor’s HiLink lets home appliances send requests to your home Wi-Fi. Along with Wi-Fi, the language will also support connectivity options like Bluetooth and Zigbee. It features a secured protocol with five layers of protection on the cloud, account ID and chipset. The company has made HiLink open source and its SDK will be made available to all interested manufacturers.

It will utilise mesh Wi-Fi networks to connect between HiLink routers, and has a single app to control all routers. The HiLink router understands and transcribes commands to device. The LiteOS will have a very light kernel and fast startup time of 700ms, and will also consume minimal battery.

The company said that it will be providing the chipset, OS and the HiLink protocol for its partners in Q2 next year. Smart devices based on the system should be commercially released in Q3. The brand will release smart security and lightning in Q4 2016. In partnership with companies like Haier, it’ll also make products like the Magic Mirror, which will be able to monitor your health and weight.


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