Safeguard your Android Device with the Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender Mobile Securityis one of the most powerful and effective mobile security solutions. It deploys cloud scanning technology to protect your Android handheld devices. It has the very latest virus detection software tools as well. The best part is that it doesn’t interfere with your mobile performance and even doesn’t hamper the battery life.

Detailed scanning

Bitdefender Mobile Security has a powerful scanning engine. Our applications have been successful certified for detecting almost more than 99% of the virus that malign your android

High Speed &Performance

Because of the cloud-based detection of the threats and reliable security services, Bitdefender mobile security tool prevents the installation of all those applications that are malicious in nature and can hinder the performance of your phone.

On-Demand Scanning

The On-demand scanning can be performed at any time. This is done to ensure that all the applications installed on the phone are safe and virus free.

Zero Configurations

Bitdefender Mobile Security protects against the various threats and virus attacks. Once it is installed in your phone, it starts to guard your phone against malware and other security threats right away, requiring no manual configuration. It has an Autopilot feature that automatically scans all the new apps that you install on your phone.

Privacy Advisor

This is a very interesting feature that lets you know what your applications are doing to your system. It gives you a detailed status of the performance of the applications running in the background of the device and how they are affecting the performance of your device.

Bitdefender Anti-Theft

This feature takes a snapshot of anyone who makes an attempt to access your phone and its information when you are not around. With the Anti-theft option you will also be able to send a message to your Android device.

App Lock

For the apps that are sensitive in nature, they can be easily be locked by a PIN code. Once these are locked, the virus threats cannot penetrate to the app and malign it. Once you are in a Wi- FI network that you trust, you can deactivate the PIN Code.

Wear ON Watch

You can also extend Bitdefender Mobile Security to your wearable devices, such as your Android watch. Even when you are not near your phone, you can check your watch for any incoming calls or messages.

Low Battery Impact

Since it relies on the cloud technology for detection of threats and providing effective security services, Bitdefender Mobile Security makes your browsing experience a pleasant one makes sure that no application is installed in your phone that can cause potential harm to your device.

The main three features of the Bitdefender Mobile security are:

  • Protection from Malware
  • Cloud based detection &scanning
  • No impact on battery life

It comes as the most advanced and effective cybersecurity application for your Android phones and gives your device protection against all the threats and viruses. In the year 2015, as per the AV- Test Bitdefender Antivirus was awarded with the Best Android Security Product award.

Some of the newly added features of the Bitdefender Mobile security tool are:

  • Fixing of minor bugs in the device
  • Request Android 6 permissions at Runtime
  • Enhance Web Security for Chrome
  • Enhanced user experience


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