Nintendo Switches It Up

After months of speculation and buildup, Nintendo on Thursday officially unveiled its new gaming system, the Nintendo Switch. Previously known only by the codename “NX,” rumors about this latest video game console began last year with a hint from Satoru Iwata, the company’s late president.

At the time Iwata suggested only that Nintendo was working on a new video game system, and few details have leaked since then.

The Switch is Nintendo’s first home gaming system since it launched the Wii U in 2012. That system is widely regarded as a disappointment — Nintendo has sold just under 62 million units worldwide. That compares to the sale of more than 101 million units of its predecessor, the Nintendo Wii, since its release in 2006.

The Switch is not Nintendo’s first comeback effort, however. Wii sales were nearly five times greater than the number of Nintendo GameCube units sold since its release in 2001.

This time around the video game publisher/developer community already has thrown early support behind the new system. Nintendo has announced more than 40 third-party partners for the Switch, including notable publishers such as Activision, Bandai Namco, Electronic Arts, Take-Two Interactive Software and Ubisoft.

The system is scheduled for a March release, but pricing has not been released.

The Nintendo Switch could sell 2.85 million units globally in 2017 if launched by the end of March, IHS has forecast.

Portable Gaming

Mobile gaming is a key feature for the Nintendo Switch, which isn’t surprising, given that Pokémon Go was such a big hit this summer. Nintendo has reaped only a small portion of the rewards, however, due to the fact that it is a minority owner of The Pokémon Company and its properties.

Still, its success could represent writing on the wall in regard to the power of mobile gaming.

The Switch mobile gaming system actually rests in the Nintendo Switch Dock, which connects the unit to a TV for traditional living room-based gaming. When lifted from the dock, the Switch can transition to portable mode, allowing the user to enjoy all the same games on the tablet-like device.

The Switch features a bright high-definition display and unique Joy-Con controllers that split in half for placement on each side of the Switch. Two players can utilize the Switch Pro Controllers for traditional multiplayer gameplay on either the Switch’s display or on a TV. Multiple Switch consoles can be linked together for local multiplayer competition.

“Nintendo Switch allows gamers the freedom to play however they like,” said Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America.

“It gives game developers new abilities to bring their creative visions to life by opening up the concept of gaming without boundaries,” he added.

Going Mobile

Mobile does seem to be a crucial part of Nintendo’s strategy with the Switch — yet the company is still very much handling game sales via a business-as-usual strategy.

“Nintendo’s hybrid Switch console strategy is an attempt to mitigate against smartphone and tablet gaming, which have severely disrupted its traditional business — especially in the handheld gaming space,” said Piers Harding-Rolls, director and head of games research at IHS Markit.

“It would appear that with the Switch announcement Nintendo has confirmed the conflation of its separate handheld and TV console offerings,” he told TechNewsWorld.

“Evidently, tablet and smartphone-based gaming has disrupted Nintendo’s overall model,” observed Joost van Dreunen, principal analyst at Super Data Research.

“It now seeks to get in front of it by offering a combined experience that builds on the seamlessness of in-home gaming using a tablet, but still relies on the sale of cartridges,” he added.

“The big question marks for the Switch are its battery life and online connectivity,” van Dreunen told TechNewsWorld.

Going Younger

What is also notable is that Nintendo is targeting the Switch at the younger segment of the gaming audience, clearly moving even further away from the older hardcore gaming market.

“Interestingly, the Switch reveal trailer was squarely targeted at young adults, which suggests that Nintendo is refocusing its early marketing on more traditional console buyers, but those that also increasingly like gaming on the move,” said IHS Markit’s Harding-Rolls.

However, “to build success with these buyers, the offering must include third-party titles that are supported on other platforms,” he emphasized.

The platform appears to be uniquely geared toward preteens and teenagers, noted van Dreunen.

“While the device seems much less like a toy than we’re used to from Nintendo, its features — like backseat multiplayer and the ability to have several people play using a single piece of the controller — target Nintendo’s traditional audience,” he explained.

Nintendo Go

Pokémon Go proved that young and old alike now are willing — at least with the right game — to move away from the big screen display. The Switch could play into that rather well.

“The concept of an all-in-one home and mobile gaming device is now more realistic, due to the power available to device manufacturers from the likes of GPU company Nvidia — but this has been tried before in the tablet space and with limited impact,” said IHS Markit’s Harding-Rolls.

“Crucially, Nintendo has access to a broad portfolio of compelling franchises, which gives it an immediate head start against a third-party trying the same strategy,” he added. “However, the use cases and usability must be convincing, and that remains to be seen with the Switch.”

The success of the Switch could be dependent not only on factors like unit cost and hardware usability, but also on the availability of compelling games to play.

“While Nintendo’s first-party franchises are very strong,” said Harding-Rolls, “it will need to secure strong third-party support to convince its target audience to buy into the platform

Tesla: Everyone Gets a Self-Driving Car

Image result for Tesla: Everyone Gets a Self-Driving CarTesla on Wednesday announced plans to install hardware that will allow all of its cars to become driverless.


The equipment will enable self-driving at a safety level substantially greater than human-driven cars, according to the company.

The hardware includes eight cameras to provide 360-degree visibility around the car for more than 800 feet; 12 ultrasonic sensors to detect hard and soft objects; and forward-facing radar capable of seeing through rain, fog, dust and other vehicles.

Tesla also will install a new onboard computer with 40 times the computing power of previous Tesla models. It will run Tesla’s neural net for processing information from the other hardware components.

Feature Suspension

Before activating the new hardware, Tesla will be calibrate it using information gathered from millions of miles of its vehicles’ real-world driving experience.

During the transition, Teslas that have the new hardware will not have some first-generation Autopilot features, such as automatic emergency braking, collision warning, lane holding and active cruise control. The company will validate and then re-enable them over the air, along with new features, the company said.

Tesla’s announcement reflects a thoughtful approach to automated driving, said Richard Wallace, transportation systems analysis director at the Center for Automotive Research.

By making the cars driverless-ready, Tesla easily can turn them into fully automated vehicles via an over-the-air software update.

“That’s an advantage Tesla has, because not every car company can do that,” Wallace told TechNewsWorld. “It’s a sound strategy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some other OEMs decide to follow it.”

Doubling Down

Clearly, Tesla is doubling down on its self-driving bet in the belief that the technology represents the future of consumer and commercial vehicles, said Charles King, principal analyst at Pund-IT.

“What’s particularly interesting is the company’s evolutionary approach — equipping its cars with the necessary hardware, but stating that various self-driving functions will be enabled by software updates after they are fully validated,” he told TechNewsWorld.

“That’s a bit counterintuitive, given the tendency among many folks to prefer instant gratification, but it emphasizes the fact that autonomous driving is still a work in progress,” King remarked.

“Bottom line — it’s wise of Tesla to acknowledge and to follow a safely incremental path forward,” he said.

The Tesla Way

Tesla’s attitude toward vehicle automation differs from other major players in the space, including the major auto makers and Google.

Both the auto makers and Google are taking a more cautious approach to the technology, King said.

Some auto makers are concentrating their efforts on commercial and industrial uses rather than consumer products.

“That’s sensible, since self-driving features are likely to first emerge as pricy options rather than the standard features that Tesla is offering,” King noted.

Meanwhile, Google has been deeply leveraging other companies’ technologies and efforts in its driverless vehicle.

“In contrast, Tesla’s decision to equip its cars with features that it called ‘Autopilot’ was more than a little hyperbolic. ‘Driver Assist’ would have been more accurate and less prone to misinterpretation,” King said.

Risky Gambit

Making vehicles driverless-ready can give Tesla a first-mover advantage, but it also carries some risks.

“You’re pretty much stuck with the hardware you put out there. You’re telling your customers that purely through software, you’re going to raise their capabilities,” CAR’s Wallace said.

“If they’ve played their cards right and they have the necessary suite of sensors, then this strategy is great for them,” he continued. “If they’re missing something on the sensor side, then this strategy is going to always leave them a little bit short.”

Assuming risk comes with the territory of being a first mover, noted Mark Duvall, director of the energy utilization group at the Electric Power Research Institute.

“Building automobiles is a very high-risk business,” he told TechNewsWorld, “so it’s hard to say if what Tesla announced has a higher risk to what they’re doing today. A lot of that will depend on execution.”

Government Hangups

Government regulations also could challenge Tesla’s driverless plans.

“We aren’t all going to suddenly stop driving,” Duvall said. “It will be a continuum.”

Regulation of self-driving vehicles could vary from state to state, added Jim McGregor, principal analyst at Tirias Research.

“There’s less than a handful of states that allow self-driving cars,” he told TechNewsWorld. “What happens if Tesla enables its self-driving feature and a state doesn’t allow it? They may be jumping the gun here. They may be getting ahead of themselves

Rez Infinite Rocks Worlds

rez-infinite-virtual-reality-gameRez Infinite, one of the first virtual reality games for Sony’s new PlaystationVR, this week earned praise from early reviewers for its graphics and immersing qualities. Sony announced the game — an update of a remake — last year.

Featuring support for 1080p resolution graphics, along with 3D audio sound, Rez Infinite is designed for the PSVR, but it’s also compatible with the regular PlayStation 4.

Sega introduced the original Rez for the Dreamcast in 2001 and the PlayStation 2 a year later. It was a huge hit with fans and critics alike, and it earned an award from the Japan Media Arts Festival. It was featured in the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s 2012 exhibition, “The Art of Video Games.”

Instead of traditional gaming sound effects, Rez incorporates electronic music, which results in the audio being as important as the visuals.

A high-definition version, Rez HD, became available for the Xbox Live Arcade in 2008.

The latest iteration remains true to the original rail shooter music video game in many ways, but the Rez Infinite visuals and audio now are even more immersing through VR technology.

Rez Infinite arrived at retail outlets in the United States on Thursday.

A Virtual Remake

The early take on Rez Infinite emphasizes the way it pays homage to the original while showing off the capabilities of VR. This game might have been just the right choice to show off Sony’s PSVR technology, because it is a blend of the familiar with something new.

“Some games are timeless,” noted Alexa Ray Corriea for GameSpot. “Rez is one of them.”

In addition, because the game is set in “cyberspace” rather than a more photorealistic environment, it makes a solid leap to VR.

“Backgrounds that were once hazy have been replaced with updated, crystal clear pieces of the cyberworld,” added Corriea. “Colors are brighter, lines sharper. Enemies drift in and out of your field of view with a new smoothness. And in VR, Rez Infinite allows you to dive deeper into its world in ways previously impossible.”

The jump from the pre-high definition era graphics of the Dreamcast and PS2 to a true VR experience is highlighted in the reviews.

“I’m jealous of anyone who’s first experience of Rez is this virtual reality version,” wrote Matt Martin for

“This is clearly the way the game was meant to be played; it only took 15 years for the technology to catch up to the design,” suggested Ben Kuchera for Polygon. “Rez Infinite, played in virtual reality, seems like the ‘finished’ version of the game.”

Apt Killer App?

The reviewers may have loved the game, and it is likely that it will attract fans of the original — but the interest Rez Infinite spurs in VR might be limited

“I wouldn’t say that Rez is the killer app for PSVR, in itself,” said Steve Bailey, senior analyst for games at IHS Markit.

“Admittedly, for a number of people from my particular generation, who played Rez on the Dreamcast or PS2, it’s rather intoxicating to see the game realized for VR,” he told TechNewsWorld.

However, “Rez was always a niche darling that never found wide acceptance, and I don’t think that its role is going to scale to a broader audience where VR is concerned, either,” Bailey added.

“It is a very good example of what VR brings to the table,” said Lewis Ward, research director for gaming and VR/AR at IDC.

“Yet when we look back in a year, this isn’t likely going to be one of the top-grossing games for 2016,” he told TechNewsWorld.

Hitting the Right Notes

What Rez Infinite does bring to the table is a rather simple — and again, familiar — experience that could help get those early adopters to embrace the new gaming techniques that VR offers.

“It has a fast tutorial that gives you the basics clearly and then gets you into the experience quickly. It is easy to play, and can be enjoyed in short bursts or even somewhat extended sessions,” Ward pointed out.

“On balance, Rez Infinite does have the feature chops to draw attention to the PSVR,” suggested George T. Chronis, game industry analyst at DFC Intelligence.

“A major plus for the game is that it does not seem to induce nausea like so many PSVR titles as all are system limited to 60fps,” he told TechNewsWorld.

Beyond Proof of Concept

There always needs to be a first to get the attention of early adopters and expand the base, and Rez Infinite is part of Sony’s strategy to do just that.

“At this early stage, it is difficult to see any one title being sufficient to create significant VR hardware sales — the costs of adoption are still way too high,” said Chronis. “On the other hand, for those consumers already inclined to purchase a PSVR setup, Rez Infinite is the kind of solid title that can seal the deal,” he added.

Sony isn’t hedging its bets on one game however.

“The launch range of PSVR and PSVR-compatible PS4 games is a solid and interesting collection that will keep new owners entertained in the short term,” noted IHS Markit’s Bailey. “The challenge for PSVR will be to retain the attention of owners into the new year and beyond, with titles that offer fresh engagement — except accompanied by greater longevity and depth.

DDoS Attack Causes Waves of Internet Outages

ddos-dynHundreds of websites — including those of biggies such as Netflix, Twitter and Spotify — on Friday fell prey to massive DDoS attacks that cut off access to Internet users on the East Coast and elsewhere across the United States.

Three attacks were launched over a period of hours against Internet performance management company Dyn, which provides support to eight of the top 10 Internet service and retail companies and six of the top 10 entertainment companies listed in the Fortune 500.

The first attack against the Dyn Managed DNS infrastructure started at 11:10 a.m. UTC, or 7:10 a.m. EDT, the company said. Services were restored at about 9:00 a.m. Eastern time.

The second attack began around 11:52 a.m. EDT and was resolved by 2:52 p.m. The third attack, which started around 5:30 p.m., was resolved by about 6:17 p.m., according to Dyn’s incident report.

“This is a new spin on an old attack, as the bad guys are finding new and innovative ways to cause further discontent,” said Chase Cunningham, director of cyberoperations for A10 Networks.

“The bad guys are moving upstream for DDoS attacks on the DNS providers instead of just on sites or applications.”

Dyn “got the DNS stuff back up pretty quick. They were very effective,” he told TechNewsWorld.

The Severity of the Attacks

While the attacks were “pretty large,” they “didn’t bring anything down for very long,” Cunningham noted.

Still, without confirmation from Dyn or ISPs, “it’s only possible to speculate on the severity of this attack,” said Craig Young, a computer security researcher at Tripwire.

“It is, however, reasonable to assume that the attackers controlled a considerable bandwidth in order to take out a service known for its resiliency against this type of attack,” he told TechNewsWorld.

Getting the bandwidth to launch the attack has become easier with the proliferation of the Internet of Things. Cybercriminals and hackers increasingly have roped IoT devices into service as botnets to launch successive waves of very large DDoS attacks.

“Threat actors are leveraging insecure IoT devices to launch some of history’s largest DDoS attacks,” A10’s Cunningham noted.

Manufacturers should eliminate the use of default or easy passwords to access and manage smart or connected devices, he said, to “hinder many of the global botnets that are created and deployed for malicious use.”

Who’s Pulling the Strings?

A nation state or states might be preparing to take down the Internet, cybersecurity expert Bruce Schneier recently warned, and “if there’s a threat actor out there with this goal, DNS infrastructure would be a very natural target to expect,” Tripwire’s Young pointed out.

Another possibility is that the attacks could be a publicity stunt for a new threat actor launching a DDoS as a Service business, he suggested, in which case someone will claim responsibility for the attacks “in coming days or weeks.”

Nothing points to one particular group, although it appears that recently more attacks have been coming from South America than from Russia or the former Soviet bloc, A10’s Cunningham said.

At this point, considering the source “is total speculation,” he added.

The United States Department of Homeland Security reportedly is looking into the attacks.

The explanation may turn out to be simple. Perhaps Dyn’s DNS servers were too tempting a target for hackers and led to an attack of opportunity

While visiting a restaurant for Indian food

With its increasing popularity, people from all nooks and corners from the world are lured by Indian food and its distinctive and strong flavor. This popularity is owed not just to the spicy and hot nature of the food but also the unique tradition of serving it. Have you planning an outing to eat Indian Food delicacies with family and friends? It is essential you select the right place in your town.

Don’t we all want our taste buds to be pleased? Its best that you steer clear of restaurants that advertise themselves but lack on offering best quality of food and service. Nobody wants to ruin their lunch or dinner outings with food that is not delectable! While the Indian ambiance and the décor of the restaurant might score a bit too high for you to ignore, but it is best that you go by food and service for the ambiance won’t make up for the faulty service and food of inferior quality and taste.

Image result for While visiting a restaurant for Indian food

The question now boils to, how to choose the restaurant? It is best that you talk to friends and family and see if they have a particular restaurant to suggest. Reviews and testimonials by people you know are often the most reliable sources of criticism. Look for which place they best recommend and you know you would not regret shelling out your money! However, you must also ensure that you are aware of the signs to identify the restaurants that will best suit your needs.

It is essential that the restaurant can reply promptly and satisfy you with their answer if you so enquire about their food and its constituents on phone or in person. A restaurant that can solve your food query usually knows what it has to serve and will serve you better. Also, if they reply promptly, you know for sure that they focus on service as much as they do on other aspects like food, ambiance and décor.

You must also enquire and be assured that they cook the food in traditional Indian ways to not be disappointed with the food you eat. The food tastes best when prepared with traditional spices and techniques with genuine ingredients without westernizing on the taste. Indian food is as much aroma as taste and thus you must ensure that they use authentic Indian spices for your food to please your senses. You must also check their menu online to see if they serve the dishes you are looking for and what are their cooking methods.

You can also be on the lookout for restaurants that have specialty chefs from the Indian subcontinent and you must give their specialty dishes a try to best experience Indian food there. It is also best that you ask your server that which dishes are most popular at their restaurant and place your order accordingly.

Can’t wait to please your taste buds with authentic Indian food ? will make the lunch or dinner an affair to remember!

Don Bradman Cricket 17 Release Date for PC Announced; May Not Be Available on Disc

Don Bradman Cricket 17 Release Date for PC Announced; May Not Be Available on DiscIf you thought you could play Don Bradman Cricket 17 on the PC at the same time as it hits the PS4 and Xbox One, think again. Developer Big Ant Studios has confirmed that the PC version of the game has been delayed to January 22.

“We have built completely new batting, bowling and fielding mechanics based on player feedback,” Big Ant Studios CEO, Ross Symons said in a prepared statement. “With Don Bradman 17 releasing right in the heart of the Aussie cricket season, we’re looking forward to players recreating the classic moments of the summer of cricket in their homes.”

“We were overwhelmed by the success of our first run at Don Bradman Cricket,” Symons added. “To this day players from around the world play it daily, whether they are simulating their favourite test team matchups, or playing games with as little as one over each side. We think they’re going to love the enhanced career mode, refined on-field mechanics, and enhanced visuals and animation. After all, many of the changes came as a direct result of feedback from our most dedicated fans.”

“The first Don Bradman Cricket game did a wonderful job of reflecting the heritage of The Don, and giving cricket fans around the world an authentic and accurate rendition of the sport on their gaming consoles,” Rina Hore from the Bradman Foundation said. “We’re looking forward to seeing how fans respond to this year’s greatly enhanced version.”

Furthermore, it appears that Big Ant could be following the footsteps of bigger publishers like Ubisoft and EA by not having a disc version of the game available at retail for PC. Reason being, a press release from the studio mentions a retail and digital release of the game on the PS4 and Xbox One. All that’s said for PC is that it would be available on Steam a month later.

Panasonic Launches 7 New Air Purifiers in India, Starting Rs. 11,995

Panasonic Launches 7 New Air Purifiers in India, Starting Rs. 11,995In a bid to address rising air pollution, Panasonic India on Friday launched seven new air purifier models for consumers to combat poisonous particles present indoors.

Equipped with “Nanoe” technology, the new range enhances the quality of indoor air by filtering out harmful particles, including PM2.5. The company adds that its air purifiers remove odour, and help keep the skin hydrated. Panasonic is also touting Econavi technology that monitors user behaviour to reduce unnecessary operations by the air purifier.

PM2.5 is tiny particulate matter that tends to penetrate into the gas exchange regions of the lung and may lead to respiratory and cardio-vascular problems.

“Quality of indoor air is all about health and comfort. Therefore, it is important that we breathe healthy air when we are inside our homes and offices. With lack of ventilation in today’s houses, it is all the more important to monitor the air quality and take actions for indoor air cleaning. Ahead of the winter season when smog in the cities will be at its peak, we have introduced 7 models of air-purifiers. At Panasonic, it is our continuous endeavour to enhance the quality of life of our consumers as it is core to our principle values. Our new range of air-purifiers and its technology ensures that it monitors the indoor air-quality and improve it as per the requirement. Equipped with Nanoe technology, HEPA/Composite Air Filter and Econavi technology, Panasonic air-purifiers make sure to filter out harmful particles, including PM2.5, out of the air and provide a healthy and safe environment to breathe in,” said Syed Moonis Ali Alvi, General Manager, Purifier Business, Panasonic India, in a statement.

The new range is equipped with two types of air-filters, HEPA Composite and Composite Air Filter. The latter consists of Super Alleru-Buster, Green Tea Catechin, and Anti-Bacteria Enzyme, all three of which combined are said to help inhibit 17 kinds of virus, bacteria, and allergens up to 99 percent. While the HEPA Composite Air Filter is said to remove up to 99.7 percent particles from the air.


Pricing for specific models is F-PBJ30ADD Orange (Rs. 11,995), F-PXJ30AAD Turquoise (Rs. 16,995), F-PXM35ASD Silver (Rs. 20,995), F-PXM35AAD Flower (Rs. 21,995), F-VXM35AAD L-Blue (Rs. 27,995), F-PXM55AND C-Gold (Rs. 34,995), and F-PXM55AAD O-Blue (Rs. 33,995).

The new models can cater to room sizes from 283 square feet to 452 square feet.

The new range is equipped with features such as sleep mode, child lock and filter replacement indicator.

The air-filter comes with life up to 10 years, the company said.

Unique Power and Strength of Clenbuterol Supplement

The power of Clenbuterol is unmatchable. The supplement is used to increase the muscle and change the same to the fat ratio. In consequence there is proper preservation of the amount of the lean muscle mass. The supplement helps you have the sort of ripped physique and you appear wonderfully strong and confident. The supplement can make you perform better and there is proper enhancement in the process of physiological output. The supplement can be procured with the needles and the prescription. With Clenbuterol you get the desired physique within thirty days of time span. Online Clen is distributed to all parts of the world.

Image result for Unique Power and Strength of Clenbuterol Supplement

Popularity of Clen in USA Market

Clenbuterol in the USA is quite popular for its functional excellence. Intake of the supplement causes a rise in the temperature of the body and this leads to immense burning of the calories. This happens due to the presence of the mitochondria in the cells. Clen comes with the additional effects and this helps in boosting the fat burning effect. Now, there is opening of the airways, and there is even improvement in the process of oxygen and blood circulation. There is enhanced cardiovascular output and there is proper suppressing of the appetite. As a result you intake of sugar becomes limited.

Anti Catabolic Character of Clen

Clenbuterol is known for being an anti-catabolic agent. The muscles are prevented from the process of breaking down. This is done by repartitioning the nutrients and this helps in providing the best protection to the stored amount of protein. There is also elimination of the stored fat inside the human body. It is good to call Clen the natural weight loss supplement. Medically the specialty of the supplement lies in its ability to treat breathing abnormalities. It causes opening up of the nasal passages and the airways and the same can even be used to act against the bronchial spasms and also the condition of asthma.

Clen as the Bronchodilator

Clenbuterol is the popular bronchodilator and it is used both in case of the humans and the animals alike. Clen is the safe to use supplement both for the children and the adults. Actually Clen is not legal to be used in USA. However, the laws have become less stringent these days for which reason one can enjoy the enhanced and the active benefits of supplemental Clenbuterol. In some places Clen cannot be purchased for the reason of human consumption.

Successful Clen Procurement

There are several companies for you to approach for the successful buying of the Clen supplement. This over the counter solution can be obtained without any hassle. Clenbuterol in the USA is regarded to be the controlled substance and there are more things for you to comprehend in matters of Clen supplemental usage. One can even buy the same from the online steroid vendors and it is an interesting substance you can use for the perfect weight loss and physiological fitness. To make an appearance in the body building genre you can make the most of Clen magic.

Panasonic Eluga Mark 2 Launched in India: Price, Release Date, Specifications, and More

Panasonic Eluga Mark 2 Launched in India: Price, Release Date, Specifications, and MorePanasonic has launched a new smartphone – Eluga Mark 2 – to add to its Eluga range of smartphones in the country. The Panasonic Eluga Mark 2 will be exclusively available on Flipkart from Wednesday at a price of Rs. 10,499. The smartphone has some highlighted features as Android for Work functionality and 4G VoLTE connectivity. It will be available in a Gold colour variant.

The dual SIM (Micro+Nano) VoLTE supporting Panasonic Eluga Mark 2 runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow with an additional feature of Android for Work support. It is powered by a 1.3GHz octa-core MediaTek MT6753 processor coupled with 3GB of RAM. It packs a 5.5-inch HD IPS On-Cell display with 2.5D curved Asahi Dragontrail glass for protection from scratches.

The Panasonic Eluga Mark 2 sports a 13-megapixel rear camera with an aperture of f/2.2, 5P-element lens, and an LED flash module. The front-facing camera in the Eluga Mark 2 is a 5-megapixel shooter with a 4P-element lens with 88-degree wide angle. The inbuilt storage available in the smartphone is 32GB that is expandable via a microSD card (up to 128GB). There is a fingerprint scanner located at the back of the smartphone, which can also be used to take selfies.

The battery inside the Panasonic Eluga Mark 2 is 3000mAh that is rated to last for an entire day. The connectivity options on the smartphone include 4G LTE, 3G, GPRS/Edge, Bluetooth v4, Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), USB OTG, GPS, infrared, and a 3.5mm audio jack. The smartphone measures 151x76x7.7mm.

While the Panasonic will exclusively launch the Eluga Mark 2 on Flipkart, it is also set to host a ‘Panasonic Phone Fest’ on the e-commerce platform from November 23 to 25. During the fest, Flipkart will sell Eluga Note, Eluga Turbo and P66 with deals coupled with exchange offers. SBI credit and debit card holders will get a 10 percent discount on the price of the smartphones.

Commenting on the launch, Pankaj Rana, Business Head of the Mobility Division, Panasonic India said, “After receiving a tremendous response for our Eluga Mark device, we are delighted to launch Eluga Mark 2 with full metal body design & finger print sensor. A perfect blend of innovation, style & security, the new Eluga Mark 2 is made with 5.5″HD IPS screen with 2.5D curved Asahi Dragontrail glass in the front which gives a tough look and makes it scratch resistance for consumers. The 3000 mAh li-Polymer battery makes sure that your phone is safe & gets excessively long battery life. Also, super-fast charging is an added advantage of Eluga Mark 2.”

  • NEWS




1.3GHz octa-core

Front Camera



720×1280 pixels




Android 6.0



Rear Camera


Battery Capacity


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    Rs. 13,790 Will Send Helpers to Stand in ATM Queues for You Will Send Helpers to Stand in ATM Queues for YouIndian startup has expanded its service portfolio and now provides its customers with a ‘helper’ to stand in long ATM queues for them. This ‘helper’ will stand in the queues for Rs. 90 per hour on behalf of the customer. This service has caught the attention of many users since long ATM queues are an everyday affair, thanks to the cash crunch caused by the demonetisation of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 currency notes earlier this month.

The service is currently only available in UP, Haryana, and Delhi. To book a ‘helper’, the user needs to register online or call on +91-8587028869. Once the user receives confirmation, they can easily direct the helper to stand in the ATM queue for them. Debunking name rumours, the startup informs that there are no children employed by the company, and all ‘chotus’ are above 18 years of age.

Apart from standing in queues, a ‘chotu’ can be hired for various domestic chores like shifting, cleaning, grocery shopping, market help, house party help, help in a religious get-together, and more. The company further notes that the helper will not enter the bank, and will just stand in the queue for the customer.

Because of demonetisation, the government has capped bank withdrawal limits and this among other reasons has caused ATMs to go out of cash very quickly. Most ATMs refill money at least twice a day, and really long queues form outside as soon as the money is reloaded. Sometimes it takes hours before a user gets to withdraw from the ATM, consuming a lot of time. Bookmychotu has tried to cash in on this recent pain point by offering helpers to wait in these long queues.

Bookmychotu is a startup co-founded by Satjeet Singh Bedi and Govin Kandhari, and currently offers services through its online portal only. The company has announced that an Android app will be launched soon. Also, it’s worth noting that there is no clarity on how these ‘chotus’ are hired, and trusting them with your valued items is advised at users’ own discretion.

Seeking to allay possible concern over the name “chotu”, which means “little one” in Hindi, Bookmychotu’s site has this to say, “Please Note: “Chotu” is just a name and the same is being used for branding purposes. We have no intentions to hurt anyone’s sentiments. All Chotus/Helpers are above the age of 18 and they have no objection with this name.”