Alpha GPC is a phospholipid metabolite

Alpha GPC is a phospholipid metabolite- A Perfect Memory Booster

With a lot of stress and tensions in life, our body, especially our brain takes a severe beating. In order to keep our brain ticking, it is essential to take cognitive and memory enhancing supplements. These days, there are many supplements that help in boosting memory. The use of these supplements have seen a surge in the past few years.

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Alpha GPC- A Cognitive Enhancer

Alpha GPC is a phospholipid metabolitewhich is considered as the most effective and the best choline prodrug. This drug influences choline concentration in the brain enhancing its capability. This is a popular dietary supplement and proves to offer a lot of health benefits. An essential nutrient, choline often comes along with B vitamins. Both these substances are soluble in water. This substance is found in human brain as well as milk. Many people prefer taking Alpha GPC for treating Alzheimer’s disease. It has also been found effective in treating vascular dementia and stroke. This ingredient is also used in a lot of other nutritional supplements as it brings about an improvement in physical as well as mental performance.

Advantages of Alpha GPC

  1. Improvement in Memory:The major advantage of taking Alpha GPC is an improvement in memory. There is an increase in the amount of Choline after taking this supplement.


  1. Boosting Level of Energy:This substance is also a mild stimulant. Thus, taking it on a regular basis help in boosting energy levels. Workout enthusiasts also take it right before their workout regimen to give a boost to their energy levels.


  1. Neuroprotectant: The substance is known to bring about an excellent improvement in the overall performance and health of the brain. The brain cells get developed while the damaged cells undergo repair, thereby enhancing effectiveness. This quality makes it perfect to be used for anti-ageing purposes.


  1. Enhanced Strength:Alpha GPC also enhances the human growth hormones production in the body. This is why sport persons consume it for better performance, muscle building and faster recovery. It has been seen that athletes who take Alpha GPC shows faster recovery from a sport related injury.


  1. Mood Enhancer:Alpha GPC is also known to have a lot of impact on enhancing mood. Many people consuming this supplement have reported of excellent mood and feeling alert, active and energetic. Studies also indicate an improvement in mental energy when taking this medication.


  1. Choline Source:The drug is also an excellent source of choline which is considered as great for the brain and its functioning.


Dosage of Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is a phospholipid metabolite and its recommended dosage is 300-600 mg. Before taking heavier dose of this medicine, it is important to seek advice from your doctor to avoid suffering from any side effects of the medicine. People who are aging or are suffering from any memory related issues can take this supplement to enjoy amazing memory enhancing benefits. The substance have been extensively researched and is commonly prescribed by the doctors.


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