How GIS Is Used by Mobile Companies

How GIS Is Used by Mobile Companies

There is no denying that the field of mobile technology has really taken off. Mobile companies are operating at huge profits because their products are so in demand right now. It isn’t crazy to see everyone from elementary school kids to great-grandparents using mobile devices. They are so integrated into daily life that many people spend their whole day with their mobile device literally strapped to their side.
However, despite the popularity, there is also an expectation for these companies to always be working on the next best thing. They have to step up their game constantly to keep up with demand and to stay competitive. If a company can’t compete, it will quickly lose ground to other companies that are on top of things.
One of the ways that companies are starting to branch out and improve involves geographic information system technology. GIS is technology that creates data based on location. It can be used in many ways, as noted by USC, and mobile companies are starting to experiment with how this can benefit their customers. Here are some ways they are putting GIS to use.

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Helping Businesses
One way mobile companies are really branching out is by creating new technology that is useful for various businesses. GIS allows them to create mapping programs that can be used to do things like map boundaries of a property. This is incredibly useful for companies in real estate, construction, and the government. It can also be used to look underground, which comes in handy if you are digging or laying materials underground.
Assisting Outdoor Enthusiasts
Because GIS creates maps, it is ideal for use in targeting outdoor enthusiasts who love to run, bike, hike, climb or do anything else in the wild. The outdoors can be dangerous because it is so easy to get lost. The wild is wild because it hasn’t been nicely landscaped and there aren’t manmade paths and roadways. Once you set out on a hike in uncharted territory, you have to be careful. Many paper maps won’t have the routes you need to see, so you could wander into a bad spot. GIS programs, though, are able to give you real-time data and accuracy so that you can be safer and enjoy your outdoor hobbies.
Behind the Scenes
Most mobile companies use GIS in their own operations. They help track workers, manage towers and assist with planning new construction. These uses have helped to increase efficiency, which is great for customers in the long run because it lowers prices. It also has helped to automate processes, which, again, leads to better productivity and lower prices for customers.
GIS is something that has actually been around for a while, but due to the advancements in mobile devices, it is now becoming something that can be useful to every person. Through using GIS, mobile companies are able to create better applications and programs for their devices to make them even more useful to their users. In the future, it is likely that GIS will be used in even more ways to help the continued improvement and usefulness of mobile devices.


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