Auto or Replacement: What Are Your Options?

Deciding on whether you should repair the glass in your vehicle, or to replace it entirely, depends on a variety of factors – including how extensive the damage is, and how expensive each option is, and which option you can likely afford.

One of the most important pieces of glass in your vehicle is the windshield, or windscreen – and this is important in protecting you from debris, insects, and harsh weather conditions. The windshield is important as it provides structural support to the rest of the car as well, and though it is made of a strong material, it is still vulnerable to damage.

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If your windshield is chipped or cracked (because of flying debris), this can hinder your view, and can even cause an accident. A crack in your windshield also means that there may be a leak if you’re driving and it happens to rain. If your windshield is chipped, the damage will have the appearance of a spider web, and can be caused by rocks, or hail stones. A crack, however, looks as though there is a line running through your windshield, and these, too, can damage the integrity of the glass.

Repairing your auto glass can be an option if you may be under a tight budget, for it is a cheaper option. However, merely repairing your glass may not be good enough, if the damage is too extensive.  If the crack is less than three inches long, or if the chip is roughly the size of a quarter, then your glass can be safely repaired. However, if the damage is bigger, then it is advisable to get the glass replaced.

Another thing to note is where your windshield is damaged. For example, if the corner of your windshield is damaged, this can compromise the integrity of the windshield, and is advised that you get the windshield replaced. Though the option of repairing the glass is possible, it is preferred to get your windshield replaced, and car mechanics will advise you to do the same.

Another thing to look out for is to make sure that the crack does not impede your vision. For example, if there is a chip at eye level, or if the crack disrupts your vision, it is better to get your windshield replaced, rather than repaired. Repairs are possible, but the repair can leave minor changes in the glass, which can be distracting to you while you drive. Thus, it is better to get your windshield replaced entirely, to stay on the safe side.

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