Buying HGH legally

Human growth hormone or HGH supplements are available only with a prescription, as is a medicine used to treat children with growth impairment. Yet, when there are growth related issues, a doctor may not prescribe hormones right away as there can be side effects. The only way to get HGH supplements the legal way is to get a prescription from the doctor. At the same time, since HGH supplements are also popular with bodybuilders, there are many underground stores that may deal with these supplements. But these stores and sellers may not be that trustworthy.

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Getting HGH from a doctor

There are many supplements that are listed under controlled substances and these may not be easily available or may not be available at all. But HGH supplements are not controlled substances but there are certain regulations regarding its use. They are listed under ‘prescription only’ medicines.  It was in the 1970s that FDA approved the use of synthetic human growth hormones. Known in different names, the growth hormone is available in different forms and formulations. The ingredients may differ from supplement to supplement depending on the manufacturer. Click here to know about ordering legal forms of GH.

There are different kinds of growth problems and each needs a specific treatment. An example can be the cachexia disease which is a muscle-wasting problem found in certain people. For them, a special type of HGH supplement called as Serostim HGH injections is given. This type of disease is commonly seen in patients with HIV and AIDS. The supplements help them to build muscles and regain their normal body size. For children who do not have normal growth due to insufficient levels of growth hormone are given Norditropin HGH.

Thus, to get HGH from a doctor means the person may be suffering from some extreme growth impairment issues. Only then the doctor will prescribe HGH treatment to the patients. In mild cases, the growth hormone is not recommended. Also, it being a hormone supplement, it can bring about certain changes in the body functions and hence, it should only be taken under the guidance of a doctor.

The ways to get HGH legally

A growth hormone is naturally produced in the body in most. It is the pituitary gland in the brain that secretes the hormone along with other hormones. Since growth hormone is what is responsible for the normal growth of a person, it is considered to be one of the most important hormones in the body. Though in most, pituitary gland functions normally, there may certain cases wherein the gland is unable to work well because of the damage caused to it. The HGH supplements will help the pituitary gland to work normally and help it to secrete the growth hormone.

To obtain HGH supplements legally, it is important to visit a doctor and talk to him about the reasons for HGH supplements. He will undertake some tests to evaluate the working and levels of growth hormone in your body and then if he detects growth hormone deficiency, he may or may not prescribe the hormone therapy.


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