HGH Side Effects On Men From Injections & Pills

Before undergoing hormone therapy or buying HGH supplements it is important to understand it along with its benefits and possible side effects. The impact of growth hormone on the body is complicated and huge. This hormone is manufactured and secreted by pituitary gland. Along with taking a major role in growth, it has lot of impacts on other gland functions including manufacturing and release of other hormones.

In adolescence growth hormone is major for height or growth. It takes very important role in aging processes like increase in fat tissue and reduced muscle mass as one age.

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Impact of Growth hormone deficiency

Along with having impact on growth related aspects, human growth hormone also plays a major role in

  • Sugar metabolism which has high impact on energy levels needed for muscle cells
  • Fluid balance in the body is also affected by growth hormone. Body fluids are maintained by hypothalamus gland located closed to the pituitary gland in the brain. This gland is responsible for all kinds of autonomic nervous systems like body responses on which human has no control, temperature, breathing, and heart rate.

Body composition

  • Once the individual reaches his 30s the level of growth hormone start gradually declining even though this starts in adolescent. So there will be aging processes like declination in the level of testosterone and estrogen, increased body fat, reduced muscle mass and decreased metabolism.
  • This decline in the level of growth hormone also plays a major role in overall wellness and health of an individual. But the age people experience this will be different for different individuals. One thing in common is there will be both mental and physical decline when there are growth hormone deficiencies.
  • If the decline is age related then growth hormone therapy is not usually recommended by doctors. If the declination is due to disease processes like Turner Syndrome or prader-willie syndrome or due to damaged pituitary gland then physicians recommend hormone therapies.

Side effects:

There are some common side effects which are the results of HGH deficiencies. They are

  • Joint pain
  • Pain in nerve
  • Muscle pain
  • Individual may experience enhanced level in their LDL low density lipoprotein cholesterol. This will in future heighten up the risk of heart attack since there will be buildup of plaque in arteries

But the negative effects depend on the lifestyle, weight, age of the person, dosage he has taken, as well as on the frequency of the dosages. To enhance endurance, stamina, and muscle growth and development bodybuilders and athletes rely on HGH injections. It is safer to use supplements like this. This is the reason HGH is considered as a performance enhancing drug. Today it is banned by most of the sorting and athletic organizations around the globe.

Side effects are also experienced if HGH is used by a person who already has adequate level of growth hormones. That is it is better if a physician overlooks on the use of human growth hormone therapy or injections.


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