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Serial entrepreneur Kristopher Jones and actor/ comedian Damon Wayans, Jr. had founded Special Guest App. We can hire LIVE entertainment on demand via web apps and mobile simply with the help of Special Guest App. Special guest is helpful for a corporate event planner, a bar/restaurant/nightclub owner, wedding planner, someone who wants to employ an entertainer meant for performing at dinner or office party by connecting with LIVE bands, musicians, DJ’s, comedians, clowns, dancers, celebrity lookalikes and impersonators, sword swallowers, murder mystery hosts, fire eaters, cultural entertainment, wedding officiants, snake charmers, caricature artists, photographers, body and face painters, mariachi bands, Irish Step dancers, instrumentalists and more.

Music is the mode of entertainment. The occasion loses its meaning without a good music. So if you want to book DJ, then we provide the best DJs in the town.

  • Bar Mitzvah

In the Jewish tradition, when a boy after attaining the age of 13, takes the rights of a full grown man then he becomes Bar Mitzvah and he is considered to be responsible both ethically and morally for his actions and decisions. The religious ceremony is also called as Bar Mitzvah which is carried out in the honor of the boy who becomes Bar Mitzvah. The ceremony is followed by a celebratory party and this party is known as the Bar Mitzvah. Special Guest App has all the arrangements for this party.

  • Club DJ

Club Dj plays the music in the dance clubs and thus he has to be the best. The tracks selected to be played by club DJ are considered by the target audience. He ensures the fact that people keep on dancing.  A playlist is simply created by him and different songs are remixed into one song which enables the people to dance without any obstruction. The speed of the tracks is also adjusted by DJ. He plays songs according to the situation and takes care that everyone’s feet are dancing and body is moving. Wanna Club DJ for your party? We have an array of options for you in our app.

  • Event DJ

Event DJ is an imperative part of the event. He entertains the audience by playing music that suits the event. As the job of DJ is to combine different songs and convert it into one song, he has to choose that type of songs which match the audience of the event. The purpose of the event should be revealed by the songs selected by him. Special Guest App provides you with various Event DJs and you will have so many options to choose from.

  • Mobile DJ

The work of mobile DJ includes touring job along with portable video systems, lighting, and sounds. The scope of the job of mobile DJ is very vast. For targeted audience, music is played by him from a collection of music which is pre-recorded using CDs, cassettes, vinyl records or digital music formats like laptop computers or USB drives. A variety of events are performed by him. These events include bar and bat mitzvah receptions, company parties, wedding receptions, anniversaries, birthday party and school dances. Part time, full time, single-operator and multi-operator are included by business models for mobile disc jockeys.

Special Guest App will provide you with the best person who will be able to handle the complete music of your event and will make your party a memorable one, both for you as well as your guests with good music.



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