Release Your Inner Hero with Mobile Tower Defense Games

Release Your Inner Hero with Mobile Tower Defense Games

Release Your Inner Hero with Mobile Tower Defense Games

Invaders, be on your guard! If you played tower defense games before, you know how it works: you build towers and collect weapons to mount a defense for your kingdom and your planet. Thanks to the highly diversified roster of games, you can defend against incoming armies in these classic fantasy and sci-fi tower defense games. I’m also sure that you, same as me, know there’s a lot of mobile games out there. Although great, it can be really hard to find the real one. That’s the main reason I decided to review a couple of them but as you can imagine, I faced the same problem when preparing to write the article. That was until I randomly found this cool website that neatly lists the best games for each genre. Here’s the list if you want to check it out after reading the article.

The Top TD Games Sorted By AppGrooves

Now, without further ado, let’s start with my top picks.

Grow Castle – Hero or Villain? You decide!

Ready to save the world? Grow your army, customize your heroes, and upgrade weapons as you advance in the game. Grow Castle even has game modes and options that allow you to make in-game purchases for upgrades, play online with the multiplayer mode, and much more. Collect gold and jewels to buy castle supplies and upgrade your army. Want to try being the villain? Pillage neighboring villages and kingdoms to get the supplies you need. Grow Castle is not your average tower defense game; it’s a truly addictive experience, where you make up the rules!

Alien Creeps TD – Save the World from Alien Enemies

Alien Creeps is a bold approach to classic tower defense games. It starts off in a desert-like battlefield with a military defense theme that really immerses you in the setting. With tons of awesome weapon choices from the very beginning of the game, you won’t know where to start. Plus, the overall intuitive gameplay is great for players (or, should we say, heroes) of all ages. Alien Creeps TD is fast-paced and draws the player into the game from the very start. Even the first three levels of the tutorial are interesting and vastly helpful, so pay attention!

Caravan War – Build a City Completely Ad-Free

If you like city building and collecting resources as you get your army ready for war, then Caravan War has the whole package. Crisp landscapes make for some beautifully imagined backdrops as you raid your enemies and defend your city against incoming attacks. You can also join clans with other players and coordinate attacks with your allies! If you would rather play a solo campaign you can do that as well. And perhaps the best part of the game is that you don’t need a Wi-Fi connection to play, making it perfect take it on those boring plane rides! And here’s the real kicker: unlike the other games, Caravan War doesn’t have in-game ads!

Realm Defense – Become the Kingdom’s #1 Warrior

If you enjoy the kingdom and tower defense realm of gaming, then you will most certainly love Realm Defense! This game goes above and beyond your typical kingdom defense game. Strap on your hero attire and encounter endless battles with dangerous foes, conquer far-off lands and build your own team of warriors. Whether you are battling orcs, ancient civilizations, advanced machines, or monsters, your skills will be put to the test. Upgrade your tower to make it impenetrable and take on secret challenges to earn jewels and gold that you can use to make your team of heroes even more powerful!


Do you think you have what it takes to become a defense strategy master? Are you ready to prove your skills to the world? No matter what kind of tower you want to defend, there is a tower defense game app out there for you! Take down aliens, enemy soldiers and more in a non-stop action game that you will want to play again and again.



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