EaseUS Data Recovery Software: Experience the Complete Recovery Package

EaseUS data recovery software is a complete data recovery package that offers comprehensive data recovery and hard disk backup solutions. The software is being used by millions across the globe, and is termed to be one of the finest data recovery software available today.

The software makes use of easy-to-handle tools, alongside an interactive interface to provide maximum functionality to the user. The software can help the user recover from a number of devices, such as:

  • PC Data Recovery

With this software, you will be able to recover deleted files from external hard drive, hard drive, SSD on your laptop, server or PCs, or even from lost or formatted partitions.

  • Memory Card Recovery

By using this, you will be able to restore lost data from corrupted or formatted memory cardrecovery including CF card, SD card, Micro card, memory stick and more.

  • USB Drive Recovery

With this, you can recover data lost on pen drive, flash drive, USB drive and other removable storage devices, due to situations like virus attacks, formatting, accidental deletion etc.

  • Other digital device recovery

You may also retrieve lost and inaccessible data from other digital devices, such as iPod, music and video player, mobile phones, digital camera etc. in case of deletion, hardware crash, formatting and several other reasons.

The software can assist you in a number of situations, including RAW partition, partition loss, system crash, virus attacks, hard drive failure, formatted devices, or accidental deletion.

Safe and Easy to Use

When operating with the software, users can easily move step by step to get everything. No prior recovery education or knowledge is required to operate the software. With the preview window that the software provides, you can easily see the contents of the file before recovering them. The recovery software offers a remarkable recovery rate and experience.

Efficient Searching Experience

With the two modes, quick scan mode and deep scan mode, the software makes sure no files go overlooked. All the deleted and lost files are thoroughly tracked, including media, video, compressed, documents and email files.

Moreover, with the ability to import and export results, the user no longer have to keep on searching again and again. You can easily resume your recovery experience by importing previously exported result searches.

Different Packages

The software is available with different packages, which are as Free, Pro, Pro+WinPE, and Technical. Each of these packages have their own advantages and benefits over the others. The free package is able to offer most of the features of the full package, with one limitation that you can only recover 2 GB worth of data.

For unlimited data recovery, additional technical support and time-to-time update, the user must opt for Pro and Pro+WinPE package. All of these are single licensed, whereas the Technical package consist of the Technician license, using which you can extend the technical support to your clients, and is more corporate-oriented.

EaseUS Data recovery software can easily allow for a complete recovery experience at minimal costs. If you have recently lost a few important files, this is the software you must look out for.


EaseUS – The Most Affordable Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS has been designed for helping the customers who face discrepancies regarding the files or the data which have been lost and deleted or can’t be found due to some technical errors or discrepancies from their systems, androids, laptops, Macbooks and other digital devices. There are more than one million customers who prefer this brand over the others. One of the major objectives of the organization is to provide the customers with the best methods for repairing the technical errors and providing them with the most effective techniques for clearing their discrepancies. It has expanded its business to the various sections. The file recovery software has helped the clients and the customers in numerous ways. It is a well known data recovery software organization as it has served a large number of customers and is known for its reliable services and reasonable rates.


It has started providing services to various sections whether its home or business, he organization clearly mentions all the details of the services for the betterment of the customers. The efficiency of tasks and the effective services provided by the organization helps in gaining better reputation for the company. There are various experts who have been appointed by the software company for the technical assistance and guidance for the various problems. The business is provided for various sections. It may be for business organizations, home appliances, for management and deployment, for home and home office, for business backup solutions, for service provider and for numerous other categories as well. The uncountable services which are being offered to the clients are full of efficiency and effectiveness. The data recovery software free details are listed on the website of the organization. The clients can search for the details on the website and can view the sources and the links which relate them to the discrepancies and their solutions. The software has become popular worldwide due to its distinct features and convenient working system.

The software supports the following languages:-

  • English
  • Dutch
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • German
  • Brazilian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Norwegian
  • Hungarian
  • Turkish

Below is the list of devices which are supported by the EaseUS data recovery software and from which all the types of the data can be recovered or restored:-

  • Personal computers
  • Hard drives
  • Laptops
  • External disks
  • Micro card
  • USB drive
  • Memory card
  • Mobile device
  • Digital camera
  • Cam recorder
  • SSD
  • Video players
  • Music players
  • RAID
  • CF
  • SD Card
  • Pen drive
  • iPod

Following are the various system and hardware requirements which act as qualifications for the technicians and the experts who are being appointed for the restoration purposes:-

The operating system should be in the following categories;-

  • Windows server 2008
  • Windows server 2003
  • Windows server 2012
  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7/vista/XP

The file system consists of the following requirements:-

  • NTFS5
  • FAT12,16,32
  • exFAT
  • ex2
  • ex3
  • HFS+

There should be atleast 32MB minimum space in the system for installing the EaseUS data recovery wizard. This disk space is a necessary requirement for performance of the various functions and for recovery of the data. The RAM must be of at least 128 MB

The best free audio editor 2017

The best free audio editor

When you want to edit an audio file – whether it’s to create a custom ringtone for your phone, make your own podcasts or record music – the prospect of choosing the right audio editor for the job can be a daunting one.

The complexity of some audio editors might be enough to scare you away, but it’s more likely to be the price tag attached to such software that sends you running. Never fear, though – there are free options packed with professional-quality features.

Whether you’re looking for a tool to help create a soundtrack for your home movies, or you need something to help you convert your old record and cassette collection into MP3 format while removing background static, there’s a free audio editor out there for you.


Download Audacity

Download Audacity
Audacity is a feature-packed audio editor with professional-quality tools

1. Audacity

Flexible and powerful, Audacity is the very best free audio editor available

Available for any desktop platform you care to mention, Audacity is our first choice free music editor. It has a huge following, and it’s one that is entirely justified. It’s a powerful tool that would put some paid-for product to shame, and although the interface might initially seem slightly intimidating, it’s actually surprisingly approachable even for beginners.

Audacity is equipped with an extensive suite of built-in tools, enabling you to edit pre-recorded files, capture sound through an attached microphone, or even stream music and podcasts. There’s support for a wide range of audio formats for both importing and exporting, and the range of built-in effect is impressive.

There’s also a great selection of third-party plug-ins to make it even more versatile (one of our favourites is autotune add-on Gsnap , for that T-Pain effect), and a comprehensive manual is available to help you to get to grips with the more complicated aspects of the program.

Its sheer power and incredible set of features make Audacity the best free audio editor you can download today.


Download Free Audio Editor

Download Free Audio Editor
Free Audio Editor puts all the essential sound-editing tools right at your fingertips

2. Free Audio Editor

An audio editor that’s ideal for recording and mastering your own songs and podcasts

Free Audio Editor ‘s name tells you everything you need to know here. You have to deselect a few checkboxes to avoid installing unwanted software, but the tool itself is worth the effort. It can be used to record audio via line-in, work with existing music files, or to rip CDs.

One thing that makes Free Audio Editor stand out from the competition is the way the interface has been designed. Rather than hiding option deep in confusing menus, everything you need to right at your fingertips. A neat effects sidebar makes it simple to get to the tools you need, and you can even bookmark those you use most to make your life even easier.

You can get as hands-on as you like, but many of the readymade filters such as breath reduction (particularly handy for podcasts) and background noise reduction mean that you’ll be able to perform many audio cleanup tasks in just a few clicks.


Download Free MP3 Cutter and Editor

Download Free MP3 Cutter and Editor
MP3 Cutter and Editor is a simple tool for trimming music files to size

3. Free MP3 Cutter and Editor

A well designed audio editor that’s well suited to simple tasks

Free MP3 Cutter and Editor is a simple audio editor designed with a very specific type of music editing in mind. Audacity would be a better choice if you want fine control of your tracks, but if you’re looking for nothing more than a quick and dirty editor for trimming the fat from your MP3s, this is perfect.

Open your MP3 file and you can cut out unwanted sections, add a fade-in or fade-out, adjust the volume, and convert between stereo and mono. That’s it.

It might sound limited, but this free audio editor extremely good at what it does (for example, if you have saved a live recording as one large MP3 and then want to divide it up into a number of individual tracks). It’s not the sort of task you would need a professional music editor for, and Free MP3 Cutter and Editor fits the bill nicely.


Download Wavepad Audio Editor Free

Download Wavepad Audio Editor Free
WavePad Audio Editor Free is available as a desktop app, and for mobile devices

4. WavePad Audio Editor Free

Easy audio editing for Windows, Android and iOS, with a consistent design for ease of use

The iPad has, over the years, become recognised as a value tool for music creation, but not so much for editing tracks. WavePad Audio Editor Free is an interesting app for a couple of reasons: not only is it a free music editing app, but it’s also available for iOS and Android as well as Windows.

The mobile apps (which you’ll find in the Apple and Google Play Stores respectively) are surprisingly powerful – helped, perhaps, by the fact that the iOS and Android versions are designed much like the desktop software.

There are a number of filters and audio editing options available such as trimming, a high pass filter, normalization and merging files, and you can add more tools via in-app purchases. There are some nice extra touches too, including voice-activated recording, and an auto-trim editing function.


Download oncenaudio

Download oncenaudio
ocenaudio is an excellent option for everyday music editing tasks

5. ocenaudio

A great audio editor for small jobs, though for serious tasks you’ll need something more powerful

Like Audacity, ocenaudio is available for multiple platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac). While not bursting with features, it’s a great tool for everyday audio editing. Real-time effect previewing should help to speed up your work as there’s no need to apply a change just to try it out, and a highly precise selection tool makes it easy to apply the same effect to multiple sections of a file.

You can work with locally stored files, or even open those hosted online. This audio editor’s somewhat sparse interface quickly becomes a joy to use, and if you spend a little time familiarizing yourself with the keyboard shortcuts, you should fly through common tasks in next to no time.

There’s a decent range of effects to choose from, and there’s even the option of exporting your creations as a ringtone for your iPhone.


Download mp3DirectCut

Download mp3DirectCut
Enjoy advanced audio editing features with mp3DirectCut

6. mp3DirectCut

Trim and normalize recordings with this free audio editor that’s great for podcasts and narration

Despite its name, mp3DirectCut does more than just slicing up MP3s (although it does that very well). You can record directly into the program or work with existing audio files, and although there are no fancy options, all of the basics are covered. As well as simple track splitting, this compact audio editor also contains tools for normalising audio, increasing volume, and fading.

Automatic pause detection is available to help make it easier to decided where to split a track, and if you have created cue files to automate file processing, there’s support for those in this audio editor.

mp3DirectCut also features a batching processing option that can be used to quickly apply the same settings and effects to entire folders full of files. This is handy for normalising a series of tracks, or increasing the volume of a set that were recorded at the same time.


Download Acoustica Basic Edition

Download Acoustica Basic Edition
Acoustica Basic Edition is the best choice for cleaning up old vinyl and cassette recordings

7. Acoustica Basic Edition

A more advanced audio editor, offering mastering with effect layering and plugin support

Acoustica Basic Edition is a superb music editor, and is particularly good at cleaning up old music recordings from vinyl or cassettes by removing unwanted noise.

Opting for the free version means missing out on options such as a multi-track editor and support for 7.1 surround sound, but you still get a lot to play with. It has a very professional look and feel, and the Effect Chain – an area where you can build up and play with a layered series of filters – is a particular highlight.

There’s support for DirectX and VST plug-ins, so you can easily expand the program’s repertoire. If you want to get a taste for music editing with the freedom to move beyond the basics when you feel ready, Acoustica Basic Edition is an excellent starting point.


Download Wavosaur

Download Wavosaur
Wavosaur is a great option for stripping vocals from songs to make your own karaoke tracks

8. Wavosaur

A portable audio editor for simple editing on the move. Just run the EXE file and get to work

Wavosaur differs from the rest of the audio editors we’re looking at because it’s a portable app. You can therefore save it to a USB stick, ready for use on any PC without installation.

Despite its tiny size, Wavosaur packs a punch. It’s designed with MP3 editing in mind, but supports other key formats as well. It also boasts features like pitch shifting and vocal removal (ideal for making DIY karaoke tracks, and as with Audacity, its feature set can be expanded with VST plug-ins .

The basic program hasn’t been updated in quite some time, but don’t let that put you off – it’s an absolute gem of a music editor.

Microsoft Hardens Latest Windows Version Against Hackers

Microsoft has fortified the latest version of Windows to make it more secure than previous editions, but the strongest protections will be available only to those willing to pay a steep price for them.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update has introduced many mitigation techniques in core Windows components and the Microsoft Edge browser, helping protect customers from entire classes of exploits for very recent and even undisclosed vulnerabilities, Matt Oh and Elia Florio of Microsoft’s Windows Defender ATP Research Team wrote in an online post last week.

Countering unidentified vulnerabilities — also known as “zero day” vulnerabilities — is particularly important because they are a powerful tool used to penetrate systems and steal data by attackers, especially those working for nation-states.

Rather than focus on a single vulnerability, Microsoft is focusing on mitigation techniques that counter classes of exploits, Oh and Florio explained.

“As a result, these mitigation techniques are significantly reducing attack surfaces that would have been available to future Zero-Day exploits,” they wrote.


Paying for Protection

For the most effective post-breach protection, customers should sign up for Windows Defender ATP, Oh and Florio suggested, a service that is available only to users of Windows Enterprise E5.

That appears to be a departure from how Windows security was treated in the past, observed Michael Cherry, an analyst with Directions on Microsoft.

When Microsoft launched its Trustworthy Computing initiative in 2002, there was a commitment to making all versions of Windows equally secure, he recalled.

“Now, what Microsoft is saying in a subtle way,” Cherry told TechNewsWorld, is that “to be the most secure on Windows, you should be using Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection — but we’re saving that for our best customers, our customers willing to pay for the enterprise edition. That’s a big change that’s happening in Windows security.”

What Users Get

Nevertheless, the security improvements in the new Windows 10 Anniversary Update are worthwhile for consumers.

“This is great news for users,” said Jerome Segura, a senior security researcher for Malwarebytes.

“Microsoft is addressing zero days and exploits in general by sandboxing a lot of the components in the operating system,” he told TechNewsWorld.

Sandboxing is a technique used to isolate activity in a space where it can be observed without affecting its surroundings. If it behaves badly in the sandbox, then it won’t be allowed to play with the other parts of a system.

Sandbox techniques were used in Windows 10 to neutralize an exploit that used corrupt fonts to gain escalated privileges on a system, Microsoft’s Oh and Florio explained. Escalated privileges allow an intruder greater freedom to roam and access data on a network.

Room for Improvement

While Microsoft is making good progress in hardening the Windows kernel, it could improve the operating system’s security in other areas, too. One of those areas is third-party applications and components.

“While it’s trying to ensure that its operating system is secure, it still depends on Flash, Java and other pieces of software. At the end of the day, the security of the system is going to depend on all the pieces, not just what Microsoft ships,” Malwarebytes’ Segura observed.

“You can have an OS that’s safe, but if you have an outdated Flash plug-in, you can still get infected,” he pointed out.

Hackers also are exploiting Microsoft Office documents.

“Microsoft needs to tighten up legacy code like macros — either disable it or sandbox it,” Segura said.

Threat to Security Vendors?

As Windows security improves, will it threaten the security ecosystem that has grown up around the OS?

“Ultimately, Microsoft’s new anti-exploit features in Windows calls into question the value of legacy antivirus protections,” said Simon Crosby, CTO of Bromium.

“However, it is important to note that relatively few enterprises use Windows 10 yet, so any Microsoft mitigation in Windows 10 that fails to address the legacy Windows installed base cannot address threats targeting [the security ecosystem],” he told TechNewsWorld.

Windows users still need to use antivirus programs, added Jack E. Gold, founder and principal analyst with J.Gold Associates. “Microsoft is pushing its antivirus program,” he told TechNewsWorld, “so it’s not saying you don’t need antivirus anymore.”